Accomplishments, Motivation and Becoming A Vegetarian

January is over and I’ve managed to tick 3 massive accomplishments for me off my list..... 

  • Dry January 
  • Not touching 1 cigarette
  • And I’ve become a Vegetarian (meat actually makes me gag now) 


Most people thought I was mad trying to do too many resolutions at once and said to me just do one at a time and you’re more likely to achieve them. I thought sod it I’m gonna do it all! And I have! 


Becoming a Vegetarian 


The main reason for me giving up meat was simply because I do not trust the meat industry anymore. I saw an undercover documentary last year about chicken being produced for supermarkets and it’s disgusted me ever since! Old labels being changed with new, meat dropped on the floor then being put back on (so gross). Not to mention all the antibiotics and steroids being pumped into them. So I had enough. And honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve got tons of energy, I feel ridiculously healthy  and I don’t feel so guilty eating dead animals anymore. You should try it! 


Dry January 


Quite simply, I found this so easy to do. Not drinking is the one! No hangovers, no alcohol fear, no dramas. I thought it would be really hard as I like to my gin and wine and especially going for meals with friends. But I think once you put your mind to something, you can do it! 


Giving Up Smoking


My advice to anyone wanting to give up smoking is try vaping if you’re struggling and reduce your nicotine liquid every couple of weeks. I’ve gone cold turkey before in the past and it’s worked short term, but I’ve always gone back to smoking cigarettes. And despite what has recently been said in the media about vaping I believe it’s definitely a better alternative to actually smoking cigarettes.


Update On My Training


I’m currently doing about 3 short runs a week (5 miles) and then one long run. Today I did 13.6 miles in 2 hours 10 minutes!!! So I’m definitely improving! 

I’m not always just running outside. I’ve started to include hill sprints on some days and spending some time cycling at the gym. I’m finding weight training is making me stronger as well with my runs. But most of all I’m loving every single second of it! 



Anyone flagging and needing a kick up the back side and need a bit of motivation, I would highly recommend trying Semtex! I use it every day, and especially before my workouts! It’s an amazing thermogenic fat burner, so not only does it give you loads of energy, it also burns fat at the same time! The amazing thing is that even if you’re not training down the gym you can use them to help with your house work, taking the kids to school, gardening, literally anything. It gives you that extra boost! Whenever I feel like I can’t be bothered and have zero motivation, I take Semtex and everything changes! 

Here is the link if anyone wants to try it...


So that’s that for now. Speak to everyone soon.